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Once you have installed NowMD, the next step is to create the data set for your practice.  After setting up the practice, you will be asked to setup an administrator with password for logging into the practice.
To begin:
1.       Navigate to Start>All Programs>NowMD>Create NowMD Data.
2.       From the dialogue box that appears choose “Create New Practice”
3.       A new dialogue box will appear asking for the name of the practice.  Enter the practice name in the  “Data Name:” field .  Choose the button labeled: Create Data Now.
4.       Exit the Create NowMD Data dialogue box.
To access the newly created data set/practice:
1.       Launch NowMD from the Desktop Icon or from the program group. (Start>All Programs>NowMD>NowMD.)  A list of available practices will appear.  Choose the correct practice and click on the “Select Practice” button.
2.       A Welcome screen will appear asking you to setup the administrator.
3.       Complete at least the administrator’s first and last name and choose the SAVE button
4.       Then next screen will ask you to choose a login name and password.  Once chosen, select the CLOSE button.
The next screen that appears is the normal login screen. Enter your login and password to enter the data set for the newly created practice

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