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deductible suto posting error
 Moderated by: Jeff Ward, Gary Tallman
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 Posted: Thu Mar 17th, 2016 02:29 pm
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When I was paying for help for nowmd, I brought this up to Gary but it was never resolved. Every time I receive an electronic remittance for a certain procedure code 99308, it never matches and I get an error called "service line doesn't match. I then go in and manually enter the codes shown in my billing history that was automatically sent from let's say Medicare. This is fine and I can live with it but if there is a deductible, I select deductible from "other adjustment" and it shows to the write but  it reduces the amount due to the left to zero (when I input the adjustment myself). If it is auto posted, the deductible will show to the right but correctly shows it is still due to the Left.

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